Cisco Gray Market Propaganda – FUD

I just came across Cisco’s gray market PDF promotion for Cisco Refresh. This “promotion” is spreading good old fashioned FUD – Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. Louis Rossman who is a champion of the right to repair speaks about this tactic a lot when used by large companies to try and control their product and reduce the repair ability of products such as a used firewall or other product.

In the case of Cisco’s promotional junk they are saying that buying used from resellers on eBay might introduce counterfeit equipment, or pirated software and how these could harm your business, so buy from Cisco new, or use their Refresh service!

What a sad attempt to prevent people from using second hand products. After all they wouldn’t make any money from people using second hand devices.

This is just another argument for why we need right to repair and open source software.

Even an old ASA5505 is better than consumer routers…

The ASA5505

I’ve been using an ASA5506 at home. The ASA5506 is a beast for a home router. I’m using the Security plus edition ASA and the licenses included greatly exceed anything I need.

I also powered up an old ASA5505 to do some DMZ Windows Server 2016 testing, and I’m always surprised at how much I miss using the switchports. I really wish the ASA5506 had switchports 🙁 Oh well. In any case even the base model of the ASA5505 is more than I could ever get out of a consumer grade router. I feel like once you go enterprise you never look back. I couldn’t imagine consumer grade equipment anymore.