From Physical to Virtual

Cisco VIRLUp until now I’ve been learning networking with just my home lab. I have a great home lab that I have invested a decent amount of time and resources into.However, setting up a new topology for different routing and switching exercises can be time consuming.

Just lately I decided to invest in Cisco’s VIRL. Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is truly amazing! I can quickly design complex topologies and deploy them with a click of the mouse.

I admit it took a day or so to get it setup and working right, but using it is well worth the effort!

PLUS! I can integrate my existing hardware with the virtual network! That is truly amazing.

So now I don’t need to worry about having wasted precious $$$ on my physical hardware because I can put it to good use!

Although I will need to ditch 3 of my older switches. They served me well, but they cannot be upgraded past IOS 12.2, so they need to find a new home. I have some ideas where they can go!


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